The pandemics showed that another way of living was possible. Then many companies became digital and found out that the best talent is not always local.

Colud based desktops are one way to get there, but not the only way. And users must get used or be trained on how to transition. 

As we were migrating users to VDI and Cloud environments since before the pandemic, we know exactly how to migrate any size of organization to the Digital era fast, no matter how mobile are your users.

Happy senior woman using computer laptop inside camper mini van - Focus on face

What can Inteliciencia Aplicada do for your business

  • Identify if you need Public, Hybrid or Private Cloud based Systems, Desktops, Servers, Aplications, and design the better option.
  •  Size and design your VDI environment
  • Deploy and manage your VDI and Cloud environment
  • Diagnose performance issues on an existing environment and suggest corrections and enhancements