The incident

What is the probability of a lightning to strike twice at the same spot? Close to none.

A lightning struck Bogota’s City Surveillance site that night, A/C units and Power distribution units crashed, the whole system went down.

Just as fast, the support engineers went in and started recovering the system. It started comming up.

Minutes later a second lightning struck the site!

The datastores became so damaged that the data was destroyed completely.

We flew onsite as fast a possible, and before midday the system was completely reinstalled, fixed and ready for configuring the cameras.

By midnight all 10K+ cameras were online and recording.

Lightning strike on house at night

Ahh yes... We have quickly recovered surveillance sites from total crashes several times

  • Recovered Xalapa’s C4 in Mexico from a total crash, and fixed it’s design laws in less than 36 hours
  • We recovered Plaza Cerdan in Puebla from total hardware damage back to recording in less than 2 days
  • Got all Mexico City Airport T2 cameras recording in one morning
  • And nearly 20 cases more in Mexico, Jamaica, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador 

What Inteliciencia Aplicada can do for you...

  • Size the storage, compute, network, etc. for your surveillance cameras.
  • Migrate your existing NVRs to advanced surveillance units
  • Scale up/out from 10 to 100,000 cameras, sensors, doors, alarms, sites, campus, regions, etc.
  • Create your entire monitoring solution with distributed or local sites as needed
  • Train your personnel to do the video surveillance properly to maximize the results
  • Add advanced real-time and forensic analitics to your surveillance
  • Help you migrate from analog to digital surveillance
  • … And every case is custom tailored to suit your needs