How do you create a successful VDI environment fast?

Most VDI projects fail because the integrators still use 3 worker profiles and undersize or oversize the projects. We came up with a special method that allows us to overcome that failure in 15 days.

In 3 days we deployed 1400 VDI desktops for Centro Medico Nacional de Occidente (CMNO) at IMSS in Mexico, the KIO Networks personnell helped users migrate their physical deskops to their virtual environment in 3 months. Sizing was done without knowing what the exact inventory was as it was heavily outdated, and without knowing the users too in depth, yet it was successful.

Our sizing method helps to avoid over/undersizing the users deskops by specifying the amount of compute, disks, ram, etc needed for the specific usage or your users, and not the typical simplistic method that VMware, Nutanix and other vendors offer.

Office in the sky, cloud computing concept. Desktop with keyboard, mouse and coffee.

Typical use cases

  • Most notably, the qurantine caused by the pandemic, and the new tele-work scenarios.
  • Desktops refresh and mixed onsite-telework scenarios
  • Information and security access controls for users and backup needs
  • Disaster recovery and Business continuity plans 

How do you recover from a major earthquake super fast? Two sides of the same issue

Users testing the IMSS aplications on their Zeroclients just before rolling everything out. 3 Days later the whole IMSS would be deployed and ready for usage.

Power usage needed by the whole environment:

  • 15W per user
In a very bad scenario, they would have been able to send everyone home, and give them access to their Virtual Desktops, while keeping the information centralized and secure.
It enabled the “Doctor @ your House” project that IMSS wanted but didn’t know how to implement.

Reduced system crashes and data loss, and as a result, the inventory could not be tampered with. 

After the 2017 earthquake, users had no way to recover from the damage, so they had to go in the damaged buildings, rescue their PCs, and then look for another building, finally they moved to a convention center, but cabling, power, networks, etc. were not available, it took them 3 more months to start connecting and preparing for operation.

  • If they had had a VDI environment, it would have been much faster.
  • Power usage per user: 140W

What can Inteliciencia Aplicada do for your organization

  • Gather and monitor your physical/virtual desktops  inventory with usage
  • Size your VDI Environment and propose the required hardware and software (any brand and make)
  • Deploy your virtual environment
  • Migrate your current environment to the Virtual system
  • Train users and IT admins to use and support the VDI environment
  • Help design DRP and BCP plans based on your specific needs and RPO targets
  • Measure current the required performance levels based on your actual users and size future migrations
  • Design and implement monitoring scenarios for both the environment and users
  •  Evaluate a project and give you an estimate or just a second opinion